Reiko is built with a responsive layout, which means it automatically adapts to the viewing device.

Reiko will expand and contract accordingly to the size and resolution of the screen, whether mobile, tablet or desktop.

Adjust color, saturation, hue, and transparency quickly and easily.

Take advantage of the uniquely powerful Gantry 5 Color Picker and change your theme’s color scheme in seconds.

Move, resize, and configure content in a matter of seconds with Layout Manager.

With drag-and-drop functionality and virtually limitless possibilities, Gantry 5's Layout Manager makes setup a breeze.

Font Awesome icons are awesome, and they’re supported natively in Reiko.

Use Gantry 5’s powerful Icon Picker to easily add icons to menus, particles, and more.

Particles operate as customizable blocks that form the flesh of the frontend.

Reiko features Slideshow, Case Studies, and Carousel particles.